Friday Farmarian Food Competition – 11/27/2015

Every weekend, running from Friday through Sunday, we hold a Friday Farmarian Food Competition. The rules are:

1 photo. A story/description of 150 words or less. Must be cooked or harvested that week (honors system). Whoever gets the most likes wins.

Admins can participate, but they cannot win.

Voting closes Sunday morning.

This week, we had a tie between Heidi Nye and Rob Beckham.

Rob Beckham: Brisket- raised, butchered, and cut by my very own, local Texas tech university agriculture students. I got up at 5am yesterday and slowly smoked it for 13 hours for the family. It had a well marbled interior, and crunchy/salty/peppered bark on the outside!


Heidi Nye: I cook locally grown or locally sourced. Here is my photo for the week. I grew these different types of squash…


Want to strut your stuff? Join us at and get your photos ready for Friday!

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