Friday Farmarian Food Competition – 12/04/2015

Every weekend, running from Friday through Sunday, we hold a Friday Farmarian Food Competition.

The rules are:

  1. 1 photo. A story/description of 150 words or less. Must be cooked or harvested that week (honors system). Whoever gets the most likes wins.
  2. Admins can participate, but they cannot win.
  3. Voting closes Sunday morning.

This week, we had a tie between Heidi Nye and Marii Jõekalda. Incredible submissions.

Heidi Nye: I made homemade vegetable and sausage soup! The pork was butchered by us and I made my own sausage. Veggies were from my Bountiful Baskets delivery. Stock was made with homegrown chicken carcass. 🙂


Marii Jõekalda: Hearty and simple deer-stew.

That’s what living in an awesome community looks like… Some ingredients were received in “gift-economy”. Stew base: homemade elk-stock; tomato sauce from friends pantry. Celery-root, garlic, onion & potatoes bought from local grower. (Rainbow carrots came from the store – don’t tell anyone!). Snapped the photo this AM – as that’s all that was left from last night’s dinner. (Therefore the glass container – was heading to work!). PS. the meat in the stew is deer but the meat on the side is elk – had no more deer left…simple seasoning: salt, pepper, paprika


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