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Episode 1

This is my first video. The idea is to make a series of videos–many of them cooking videos–that will teach you how to do things in efficient ways and enjoy doing so. The idea behind the cooking videos, in particular, is to show how to make dishes quickly, inexpensively, and deliciously. But there will also be other videos, for example, on incorporating exercise into your life in an effortless way–in ways that will enhance your happiness, will not require you to go to any gym, and will not be boring like many exercise programs are.

This is a cooking video, which teaches how you to make curry in 10 minutes. If curry can be made in 10 minutes, then virtually anyone can make it. It is possible to cook well quickly–and many people do not know that. Through this video series, you will learn how to do this.

“How To Live” may strike some people as an arrogant title, but I think it is appropriate. “How To Eat Healthy” or “How To Be Healthy” is not appropriate, since I don’t think the goal of any activity in life should be these things. Health and enjoyment should be the same thing, and life should not be a bunch of separated and conflicting activities, goals, and tasks. Life should be a unified whole: healthfulness shouldn’t come at the expense of anything else; it should result from life itself.

I believe that the philosophy of restriction often advocated by the mainstream health establishment is based on ignorance and a lack of understanding. Societies that eat healthfully enjoy their food, and without guilt, more than Americans do. Societies that live healthfully do not do so by seeking to “control” themselves; they just live. That is why I entitle this series the How To Live. It is not about healthfulness. It is about enjoyment. But it is not even just about enjoyment either. It is about living life to its fullest, which includes both of these–and more. I will write more about this in time, but I hope this is enough of an explanation for the time being.

I learned so much while editing this video–not least of which is how I come across. (I had no idea about so many things!) A lot of this made me cringe, and some of it made me laugh. Despite the problems, I am uploading the video. The only way to improve is to move forward. (I also realize that I need to rotate the videocamera. So it goes!)

Do be kind in comments! When I have done a few more videos and gained some experience, I will need people to be more exacting. If this is useful to anyone, I would love to hear it!

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