“I Love Bread”: How Oprah’s Diet Advice Makes Her Wealthy Because It Doesn’t Work

You may have seen this trending lately. Notably, Oprah owns 10% of Weight Watchers stock: she has made hundreds of millions of dollars on this investment.
It might be therefore be asked: is the most recent “I love bread” video Oprah’s response to the mainstreaming of low-carb–now endorsed even by this country’s university’s foremost?
To be sure, not long after Professor Ludwig’s book was published, things stopped looking so hot for Oprah and her Weight Watchers investment, plunging 35% in a single week in early January:
But this video, where she repeats, “I love bread” (an implicit reference to Ludwig’s book?) netted her a $12 million gain in the stocks, and has made up for some of the losses:

So is the strangeness of the video, passionately proclaiming her love for bread, best explained by the fact that it is needed to explicitly contradict Dr. Ludwig’s increasingly popular message?

Now, Oprah’s reputation was mainstreamed by her claims to weight loss. See, for instance:

And, again and again, Oprah has continued building her reputation on such claims–all the while yo-yo dieting in between.
A few questions, then.
Is Oprah’s reputation a paradigm for weight loss?
Or is her a significant portion of her life’s career an object-lesson in the perverse financial incentives for keeping the food and dieting industries, and their shareholders, well-fed?
Indeed, who do the food and dieting industries serve: the people, or their stockholders?
Oprah seems to know the answer to that question- once again.

Do you believe her? More importantly: should she believe herself?

Lastly, is dieting the way forward for anyone–besides those looking to make a career of promoting it?

I’ll give my opinion. We need a healthier world, not multi-million dollar diet programs. Let’s build that world. Let’s not support the dieting industry, and those who, by not seeking to solve the problem, profit from failed advice.
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