References for calculation of Dietitians Association of Australia corporate sponsorship

Referencing article:

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Use of excerpts:
These excerpts demonstrate that a significant (but unknown) proportion of the “conference, workshop and seminar income” is derived from corporate sources.


Use of excerpts:
We calculate the full value ($521,202) from “advertising and sponsorship.” Since the Australian dollar does not have the same value as the American dollar, we multiply this value by 0.9 (the value of the Australian dollar relative to the US dollar in 2014), to get: $469,082. Because an undisclosed value from corporate sources comes from “conference, workshop and seminar income,” we multiply this value ($1,168,275) by 0.9, to get: $1,051,448. We then add this to the upper end of our range estimate. This provides us with an estimate of a range of $469,082-$1,520,530 (USD) in corporate support to the DAA in 2014.

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