UCSF bans sugar sweetened beverage sales at workplace, studies metabolic effects of policy

Ya’ll want a positive story? I’ve got a positive story for ya.

Looks like UCSF, consistently ranked in the top 5 among medical schools in the country, has banned “sugar-sweetened beverages from every store, food truck and vending machine on its campus.”

Say what?

Affiliated fast food stores have also stopped selling these drinks: “Even popular fast-food chains on the campus, like Subway and Panda Express, have stopped selling Sprite, Coca-Cola and their sugary brethren at the university’s request.”

UCSF has found that consumption of sugar sweetened beverages has since dropped by 25%!

Even better, UCSF is also studying the *effects* of this policy on the metabolic profiles of employees at the school:

“Researchers there have enrolled 214 of the school’s employees into a rigorous study, collecting blood samples to see if there have been any major metabolic changes in the people who lowered their soda intake. While they expect to publish complete results soon, early indicators are promising.”

In other words, they’re going to be combining hard science with public health–to show that this intervention *works*.

Now if they show something, medical schools and hospitals around the world will have to either change their policies–or, by keeping them, implicitly admit that they don’t care about the health of their employees and patients.

Here’s a quote from one of the leaders of the initiative:

“We’re a public health institution, and there’s something not right about us making money off of products that we know are making people sick. How dare we profit off of a product that our own doctors say causes metabolic disease?”

Well no shit. Hopefully my school decides sometime soon that it is mind-numbingly stupid to sell Coca-Cola and treat diabetes in the room next door. That’s like having a cigarette vending machine across the hall from the cancer ward.

UCSF is an inspiring example of a place that has decided they don’t want to be morons. God bless them.

Original link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/08/well/eat/putting-sugary-soda-out-of-reach.html

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