We know that sugar taxes work. Those who care about public health and our economic future have the upper hand.

More good news. According to Berkeley professor Kristen Madsen, on the sugar sweetened beverage tax:

“That is an intervention that’s more powerful than anything I’ve ever seen aimed at changing someone’s dietary behavior.”

I think the data are now pretty strong: the sugar tax works.

Now, we still need more interventions, and we need to apply them strenuously, and carefully study their effects. We also need better food education. Home ec should be taught in schools again, each and every year. Kids should garden and be taught by example, each and every day in the lunch room, what real food really is.

But this is a start. We’ve got a few things that we know absolutely work. Doubters about proposed interventions will increasingly be on the defensive. Those who care about the public health, as well as the financial future of this country, have the upper hand.


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