Writers’ biographies

Kevin Bass graduated with honors with a bachelor’s of science in biology and a bachelor’s of arts in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin; he wrote his thesis on late-20th century debates about psychiatric diagnosis and classification. For a little more than a year, he worked odd jobs, including day care teacher in North Philadelphia and assistant to an urban anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania. His application for work in this time was rejected by over 200 fast food restaurants. For the next 5 years, he worked as a researcher in neuroscience at the prestigious Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During his free time, he took graduate-level classes at the University of Pennsylvania, taught by now-famous figures in critical theory, influential scholars in classical philosophy and literature, and in the philosophy of mind—never enrolling or paying a dollar, instead slipping in the back door via friendly correspondence with generous professors. He also presented at several conferences on the history and sociology of psychiatry, including at one hosted by the American Anthropological Association. Deciding he couldn’t stand laboratory science anymore, he decided to go to medical school. Now a second-year medical student, he started farmarian.com to work on developing his ideas and obsessions—inspired by his background in anthropology, philosophy, and science—about food. He reads a book per week, maintains an active interest in Heidegger, and is learning Japanese. He has a wife and a baby girl–both born in Tokyo. He can be found every week at the free clinic serving the community’s underserved. His favorite movie is Princess Mononoke and his primary ideological commitment is to Mononokeism. This is a position that he plans to explain more extensively in a future essay, and promises to do so, but almost certainly never will.

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